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Making-of: Art déco Ring

Hello everyone,


so today a small look behind the scences. I worked long on this Ring so why not make a small Making-of of it.

For every Jewelry piece which I develop I start with a concept, sometimes in 2D but often direct in 3D.

To print Jewelry with a 3D Printer you need a  digital 3D Model. So the whole process is 3D Modeling.


The idea and step 1


My idea was to make a experimental unique Ring. And also the question was how much detail you can wear comfortable on the finger.

I started to search for Art déco design elements, and …

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Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts

Searching for some lovely Gifts for the Valentine’s Day ?


I have made a collection of 4 unique pieces of 3D Printed Jewelry from 4 creative different designers. You can buy them all on shapeways, the leading platform for 3D Printed Jewelry.

So lets start.


1. First one is by Majuwely. The goal was to combine the heart with something from the nature. So for the outline shape of the heart I use two fine branches which merged together. So for christmas this is the ideal present.

Designer: Marvin Juschus



Picture by Marvin Juschus

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Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone,


after long time and much work I prelaunched my Website.

Not everything is perfect at the moment, but hopefully next year it is 99% finished 😉


So this is one of the first or the first Blog in the World especially over 3D Printed Jewelry. So I talk with many people about this and much of them have no idea that this is possible. So we are just at the beginning point of this fantastic new technology. Now we Designer have the tool to create fantastic unique Jewelry.  Also we can create individual Jewelry which looks unique.


So what is this Blog about …

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