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Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone,

after long time and much work I prelaunched my website.

Not everything is perfect at the moment, but hopefully next year it is 99% finished 😉

So this is one of the first or the first blog in the world especially over 3D printed jewelry. So I talk with many people about this and much of them have no idea that this is possible. So we are just at the beginning point of this fantastic new technology. Now we designer have the tool to create fantastic unique jewelry.  Also we can create individual jewelry which looks unique.

So what is this blog about ?

So my vision for the future is. I will write about the development of 3D printed jewelry, creativity, dreams,  developing ideas, and create a business from scratch.  And of course I will write about me, how I started, my experiences and so on. Also I will write about news of the 3D printed jewelry scene. And especially what is important for me to show talented people out of the 3D printed jewelry scene, show their work and interview them.

So for which people is this blog ?

This blog is for all people which are interested in design, jewelry, fashion. People which are open for new technologys. Of course also for designers and jewelry makers. And summarized for all people which love the 3D printing technolgy, or who want to know more about this technology in terms of 3D printed jewelry.

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