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Making-of: Art déco Ring

Hello everyone,

so today a small look behind the scences. I worked long on this ring so why not make a small making-of of it.

For every jewelry piece which I develop I start with a concept, sometimes in 2D but often direct in 3D.

To print jewelry with a 3D printer you need a  digital 3D model. So the whole process is 3D modeling.

The idea and step 1

My idea was to make a experimental unique ring. And also the question was how much detail you can wear comfortable on the finger.

I started to search for art déco design elements, and built 20,30 elements of it in 3D.

So here is the picture from the start.

Step 2

The next step was to connect this pieces each other.

The strength of 3D printing are pieces which are connected to each other in complex ways. So you have not a flat element, rather a slightly voluminous object.

Step 3

The next step was to make a 360-degree ring of  it. There are easy ways in 3D programs to do this.

Step 4

Because it was not this standard ring rail, i need make much variants of my ring fo find the perfect design flow of the ring. Also it is a experimental ring it must be comportable to wear. So the goal was that the ring is not too big or too long. Also a big point are the requirements for the 3D print and for the manufacturing in gold or silver. So the elements are not allowed to be too thin or too pointed. Also I must be note of the international ring sizes in relation to this requirements.

Final conclusion

So you see how much work this is , i think over 50% of work are the last steps, the finishing, polishing to make it perfect. Mostly you have at the ende over 10 variants of a ring, and only one is perfect.

So here is the final ring, printed in silver, polished in silver.

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