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Future content ideas for this Blog

Hello there, some small update.

For the future I will plan to do much more content for this blog.

3D printed jewelry is pretty new, and we are still at the beginning of this area. It gives artists like me a very very good possibility to live out their creativity. So my plan is to make it more interesting for people out there.

So here are some future update ideas for this blog:

  • More making ofs from my jewelry pieces and maybe jewelry pieces from other Designers.
  • Jewelry of the month. For the future I will feature every month an outstanding 3D printed jewelry piece from an unknown designer.
  • Also, I will feature unknown 3D printed jewelry designer, maybe with interviews.
  • News about the 3D printed jewelry scene.
  • I share all my knowledge about creativity, designing 3D printed jewelry, photography, business etc.
  • Also, I will share how I work, and all about my artist life 🙂

You have other ideas ? Feel free to write it in the comments.

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