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Behind Majuwely stands Marvin Juschus a 3D Expert and 3D Print Productdesigner.

Started with 15 years he developed a feeling to create 3D Art out of dreams and passion.
Then he see his talent to create beautiful designs of real objects, with the help of one of the moderns industry technology.

When I saw the first time objects which where created with 3d printing it was really stunning for me. So I learnt this technology by myself on a PLA 3D Printer.
It was so exciting to hold the first own 3d printed object ,which was before only exist digital, in his hands.
Plastic was nice but not enough for me. I created objects out of Sandstone, Porcelain, Wood and Metal, all 3D printed.

Then I focused on Jewlery Design because i see a lot of potential there, and i can use much of my skills to create digital 3D Art.

Mostly my ideas come when i close my eyes, then i see lines, formes and shapes which are come together and build a innocence object.
Or I see something outdoor, in the city or nature and put these things in my head together.

For the future my Focus is on themes like our nature and earth. We have so much beautifulness on this earth, why not wear Jewelery with this wonderful background.”

Today with his Company “Majuwely” he created high level unqique Jewelry for everyone, especially for people who want something special.

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